24 cm multifunctional stainless steel cooking pan with a perfectly made interchangeable sword handle

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📖 STORY TIME Many failed to make it happen! but …<span>H*** Yeah! we did it.</span>

Unleash the warrior

Many failed to make it happen! but …H*** Yeah! we did it.

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to share the real story of EGGSCALIBUR, our sword frying pan handle that beat the odds and came to life.

In a sea of failed attempts and shattered dreams, EGGSCALIBUR stood out. This project wasn’t just another kitchen utensil; it was our beacon of hope, born from determination and resilience.

From the initial concept to the detailed design, development, and numerous rejections, each step showed our unwavering spirit. We faced a lot of skepticism and doubt, but we kept pushing forward.

Our victory isn’t ours alone. It belongs to the amazing community of EGGSCALIBUR enthusiasts—the true heart and soul of our story. With thousdands subscribers and countless emails, comments and messages filled with anticipation from all over the world, it was clear that EGGSCALIBUR is more than just a pan; it’s a movement. it's an Iconic Product ... (it's a famous Internet meme too )

To everyone who supported me during early days, shared our story, and dreamed alongside us, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your support made EGGSCALIBUR a reality and sparked a culinary revolution. Together, we’ve turned cooking into an adventure full of challenges, excitement, and camaraderie.

Our journey has just begun. The legacy of EGGSCALIBUR isn’t just about what we’ve achieved, but what lies ahead ... a future filled with innovation, inspiration, and endless culinary possibilities.

Join us as we take on every culinary challenge. With EGGSCALIBUR in hand, no dish is too daunting, no recipe too complex. Together, let’s make every meal a legendary adventure.

What’s next ?

Cook Warrior is not your ordinary kitchenware brand. With the release of our first product, the iconic King Arthur Sword handle frying pan, we're just getting started. We're committed to bringing you a series of unique and crazy products that will elevate your cooking game to the next level.

What’s next ?

Imagine sword handles that you can mix and match with our frying pans, or aprons that make you feel like a true kitchen warrior. And that's just the beginning - we're also working on a line of knives and forks that are as stylish as they are functional.

At Cook Warrior, we're on a mission to make cooking fun, exciting, and an expression of your personality. Stay tuned for more products that will inspire you to unleash your inner culinary hero.

Mehdi Ayache Berberos

Designer & Co-founder @Cook Warriors

As a chef who has seasoned his skills in the kitchens of the stars for many years, I have seen and used a myriad of cooking gadgets and tools ... it is rare to come across a product that truly stands out, both in its innovation and practicality. Cook Warriors’ latest offering is one such rarity. I had the chance to test their pan, and I can attest that it is 100% functional on a professional cooking level. This pan is perfectly bridging the gap between professional-grade equipment and user-friendly design for all cooking enthusiasts. I can't wait to collaborate with Cook Warriors and order a bulk of these pans customized with my logo. The idea is to offer our steak menu directly in a smaller version of the 'Eggscalibur' right to our customers' tables, enhancing their dining experience with a touch of culinary magic.

Chef Arouna Ilboudo
Chef Arouna Ilboudo
Chef & Owner @ AROUNA Restaurant - Bali Island.

Your Pan.
Your Choice.

Your quest, your cookware. After hearing from our early supporters, we understand the divide: some seek the classic durability of stainless steel, others the convenience of non-stick. Responding to the call, Eggscalibur now comes in both. Choose the stainless steel for unmatched heat control or the non-stick for easy clean-up. Your kitchen, your rules.

Inter-changeable sword handle

Inter-changeable sword handle

With just three quick turns of the screw and presto! You can attach another sword handle from our future collection. We won't stop here - history is filled with swords as epic and iconic as a knight cracking up in shining armor!

The iconic Frying pan

The iconic Frying pan

Eggscalibur combines a 24 cm x 4.5 cm pan for even, professional heat on all stoves, including induction, with POM anti-scalding sword handle for a safe, comfortable grip. The perfect blend of performance and safety.

Food Grade Stainless steel

Food Grade Stainless steel

What’s inside
the Box ?

What’s inside<br>the Box ?
  • 2Kg total weight
  • 24 cm x 4,5 cm pan
  • 1 x Stainless Steel OR Non-stick coated Stainless
  • 1 x Egsscalibur by Cook Warriors Sword Handle Ref. CW-01.24
  • 1 x Hexa Screwdriver
  • 1 x Paper Packaging Box with 3 layers of Black Foam
  • User Manual
  • Stickers
Y’all Cook<br>Warriors

Y’all Cook

Let’s reconquer the kitchen again with the Sword Frying Pan

Crafted for a passionate and growing community of cooking enthusiasts, this iconic kitchen essential redefines versatility with its interchangeable sword-inspired handle.

Exclusive to early birds.
🕒 Limited Time Offer

Exclusive to early birds.

  • Limited Edition: Each of the first 500 pans + a unique limited packaging.
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  • Choice of Pan: Select either a stainless steel or a non-stick coated stainless steel pan.
  • Additional Perks: Comes with assembly tools, premium packaging, and unique CW stickers.
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  • Transparent Policy: We invite you to read our full policy for peace of mind – we value trust and transparency.

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Commitment to Timely Delivery for Eggscalibur

Commitment to Timely Delivery for Eggscalibur

At Cook Warriors, we are dedicated to upholding our promise of delivering the innovative Eggscalibur within 3 months after reaching our pre-sale goal. We understand the value of your time and trust.Therefore, if we are unable to meet this 3-month delivery commitment, we assure you a full refund of your payment. Your confidence in our service is our highest priority.


Eggscalibur-Related Questions

Can the Eggscalibur pan be used on all types of stovetops, including induction?

Absolutely! Our pan is versatile and suitable for all stovetops, including induction, gas, electric, and ceramic. 

What are the dimensions and weight of the Eggscalibur pan?

The Eggscalibur pan measures 24 cm in diameter and 4.5 cm in depth. It's designed to be lightweight yet durable, offering ease of handling during cooking. 

How do I attach or change the sword handle on the pan?

The sword handle of the pan is designed for easy attachment and removal. It comes with simple instructions and tools for quick assembly or changeover. 

Is the non-stick coating on the pan safe and PFOA-free

Yes, we prioritize your health and safety. The non-stick coating on our pan is completely safe and free from PFOA and other harmful chemicals.

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24 cm multifunctional stainless steel cooking pan with a perfectly made interchangeable sword handle by Cook Warriors

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